Women's Equality in the Workplace Campaign in Kyrgyzstan

In July 2023, a sequence of seminars took place in each of the seven regions of Kyrgyzstan.

These seminars as part of the Campaign for Equality of Women in the Workplace were focused on addressing workplace inequality and discrimination against women in trade unions.

This initiative holds immense importance considering the prevailing trend of women in Kyrgyzstan staying silent about workplace discrimination. By providing a platform for open conversations, the seminars shed light on the pressing issues faced by women, encouraging them to share their experiences and collaboratively find solutions.

Experienced speakers Eduard Vokhmin, Eldiyar Karachalov, and Asel Sartpaeva participated, bringing their insights to each region. In every part of Kyrgyzstan, twenty women from trade unions, experienced in combating inequality and discrimination, actively engaged in the seminar discussions.

Common themes emerged across all regions, underscoring the need for collective efforts and support to promote workplace equality throughout Kyrgyzstan. This highlights the urgency for a united approach to tackling discrimination and advancing equality across the nation.

The Women's Equality in the Workplace Campaign Seminar was a notable success, providing a valuable platform for women to share experiences and discuss effective strategies to combat workplace discrimination.


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