Training on Media Literacy and Political Education for journalists

FES Kyrgyzstan is implementing two projects in partnership with Community "Zhamaattyk" Media.

FES Kyrgyzstan is implementing two projects in partnership with Community “Zhamaattyk” Media. The first project, "Become Media Literate", focuses on developing media literacy and critical thinking of community journalists from the regions of Kyrgyzstan.  The second project “Messenger of Aiyl Okmotu” aims to increase the transparency of local government and contribute to the political knowledge of the rural population.

Within the framework of the “Messenger of Ayil Okmotu” project, the participants prepare and publish various multimedia materials, audio podcasts, live broadcasts, and articles on the work of government institutions.
We organized a 2-day workshop for community journalists to increase their competencies for better outreach and to share experiences with each other on covering government activities at the local level.

The “Become Media Literate” project participants, journalists of the CMMA (kyrgyzmedia.kg) Central Studio, develop multimedia materials on the topics of information and media literacy. The materials are published in open access and are shared among Community Media Centers in all regions.

The journalists are working closely with media experts to develop new material, and various experts are also taking part in live broadcasts on topics such as Internet security and social media hygiene.
All of the materials are actively promoted on social networks and will reach the most remote areas through the communication channels of Community Media Centers. The articles will also be published on the website of Community “Zhamaattyk” Media in Kyrgyz.

Our foundation not only facilitates the dialogue between local government officials and people in the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan, but also supports attempts to strengthen their abilities to critically analyze media content.

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