Democratic participation and civic engagement

Since independence, a diverse and vibrant civil society has emerged in Kyrgyzstan. Supporting and promoting it is one of the core concerns of FES Kyrgyzstan.

Inclusive civic participation is a core component of any democratic society. Since 1993, FES Kyrgyzstan has been dedicated to support inclusive and competent civic participation. In doing so, we are actively collaborating with civil society organizations and state bodies to enable a dialogue and to strengthen their competencies.

While civil society in Kyrgyzstan is vibrant and strong, the mechanisms of inclusivity and channels of communication have room to grow. Civic participation entails a competent expression of own values and needs while being equipped with tools and provided with means of doing so. The overarching goals of enhancing civic participation are the amplification of the voice of vulnerable populations and the promotion of their active engagement in the social and political lives of their communities.

FES Kyrgyzstan has implemented multiple projects aimed at strengthening the civic engagement potential of various population groups. A main target group of our activities are young people. They represent a diverse category, unified by the fact of being born in the transition period. It is of crucial significance to ensure that young people are given the opportunities and instruments to advocate for their interest. FES Kyrgyzstan promotes political education initiatives like Youth Academies and conducts research to inform about values, needs and attitudes of the young generation. The expansion of media competence and the handling of information will increasingly become an important component of political education work.

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