Peace and Security

The Kyrgyz Republic's geographical location and historical context pose major foreign policy challenge

Due to its geographical location between Asia and Europe, the region of Central Asia has always played a special role. Spheres of interest and influence of Russia, China and Europe meet here, which in the past has repeatedly made Central Asia the scene of geopolitically motivated power struggles. The maxim of a multivectoral foreign policy, to which Kyrgyzstan has also committed itself, reflects this particular challenge, although to date no clear independent strategy for formulating this approach can be discerned.

Since 2016, there have been positive developments within the region towards stronger cooperation among the countries of Central Asia. This is urgently needed in view of the existing challenges: The distribution of natural resources, impacts of climate change, underdeveloped infrastructure, terrorism and the heavy legacy of unclear border demarcations between the countries harbour great potential for conflict. Only in a foreign policy based on cooperation can the countries of Central Asia achieve joint development progress.

Peace and security are fundamental for the further development of the country and the entire Central Asian region. In cooperation with think tanks, state institutions and civil society actors, the FES Kyrgyzstan supports efforts towards a foreign policy based on diplomacy, trust and cooperation. Within the framework of international dialogue formats, FES brings together different stakeholders to find common solutions to common challenges. With scientific studies and surveys, we provide ideas for the strategic development of a foreign policy geared towards peace and security.


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11.05.2021 | Peace and Security | News

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in partnership with the OSCE Academy and SPCE Hub, is working on a study titled "Forecasting Central Asia"'.


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