Socio-ecological transformation

FES Kyrgyzstan supports socially just and climate-friendly development

Kyrgyzstan has been recognized as one of the most vulnerable Central Asian countries to climate change. As in most LICs, development in Kyrgyzstan is being defined in terms of economic growth. Its unique climate conditions coupled with economic and infrastructural developments present an opportunity for adapting the framework of inclusive green economy. This entails emphasizing sustainable development via promoting adaptation and mitigation strategies that are not only climate-friendly but also socially fair. As a party to the Paris Agreement, Kyrgyzstan has promised to take actions to mitigate the effects of climate change. Since the Paris Agreement requires both - economic and social actions – it is significant to ensure that the actions taken in the context of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are socially just.

As the topic of climate change is fundamental to democratic development – it intersects with a range of related fields FES Kyrgyzstan is closely working on, e.g., workers’ rights, women’s, rights, and civic participation. The idea behind the Social-Ecological Transformation (SET) encompasses inclusivity, rights protection, and social justice that have to be innate to sustainable development. With this goal, FES Kyrgyzstan strives to create a platform for climate change experts and government officials to enable open dialogue and support inclusivity in climate policy-making.

FES Kyrgyzstan is also cooperating with local environmental NGOs, supporting the amplification of civic participation in climate policy-making and projects aimed at understanding mitigating impacts of climate change. The cooperation is aimed at (1) supporting civil society and enabling dialogue between civil society representatives and state officials; (2) conducting research to inform policy makers, experts, and other stakeholders; (3) contributing to education in the field of environmental protection and climate change; and (4) promoting socially just development, encompassing the rights of the most vulnerable populations to ensure their involvement in both economic and political spheres. In doing that, FES Kyrgyzstan adheres to the principles of the SET, based on a socially just transition towards sustainable development.


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09.12.2022 | Socio-ecological transformation | News

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22.04.2022 | Socio-ecological transformation | News

In honor of Earth Day, we would like to list all of the projects that our Foundation is implementing in the field of socio-ecological transformation.


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